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Impeder Jackets And Impeder Lines

In most of the tube fabrication and pipe welding processes, Impeder is utilized to increase the electric resistant of the parasitic path of current inside the enclosing boundary of the tube thus, diverting the flow of current into the weld. Secondly, to create low magnetic current path inside the tubes for the magnetic field. Jackets and Lines are two main components of Impeder system  which smoothen its functions thus, assure hassle free welding in tube & pipe industries. The Impeder Jackets fixed in the Impeders are made from fiberglass material and generally used for protecting the ferrite from the mechanical shocks. As both Impeder Jackets & Impeder Lines are coated with epoxy they have good electrical insulation and chemical resistant properties.

Role of Impeder Jackets & Impeder Lines:

  • The design and placement of Impeder Jackets & Lines are one of the most important factors which improves working efficiency of impeders.
  • Impeders are the crucial component in the industrial welding process.
  • Impeder Jackets & Impeder Lines can be easily integrated within the impeders.
  • Along with improving the efficacy of the impeders, the jackets & lines help in maintaining a consistent operational speed.