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Tube Mill Assemblies

Tube Mill is basically a combination of assemblies which is installed for producing induction welded carbon steel tubes with high frequency. It comes in a variety of models, sizes, thickness, working speed and it's compact structure make it useful for numerous applications in engineering and automotive industries. Like all the machinery, Tube Mill is also engineered by using several assemblies having their own unique functions and attributes. The anti-corrosive, high tensile strength and superbly finished Tube Mill Assemblies ensure hassle free functioning of the Tube Mills. Some of the assemblies integrated in the Tube Mill includes pay off reel, round pipe rolls, gear box stand, etc.

Importance of Tube Mill Assemblies
  • The assemblies of tube mills smoothen its functionality of producing electric resistant welded pipes and tubes.
  • By integrating high grade assemblies, the operational life of tube mills also get increased.
  • Tube Mill assemblies have direct impact on the overall productivity & outcome of the tube mills.
  • Good quality Tube Mill assemblies contributes in the production of high quality welding tubes & pipes.