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ID Scarfing Systems

ID Scarfing Systems are mainly used in the pipe, casing and tube producing industries due to its ability to ensure energy efficient production. The main function of scarfing systems is to remove the excess welded material from the pipes or tubes to provide a smoother surface. Scarfing process is takes place right after welding so that the material can be easily removed. ID Scarfing Systems with modular designs allow easy re-assemble & dis-assemble and suitable for bead removal from the inner diameter of the pipes. Generally, these scarfing systems are made up of hard material so to withstand in the operating temperature and to remove the metals.

Features & Uses of ID Scarfing Systems
  • Every welded tube mill requires Scarfing Systems to remove the inner diameter weld beads which is created during forge welding process.
  • With a unique modular design, the Scarfing Systems are both easy to install & dis-assemble.
  • ID scarfing systems leaves a perfectly smooth surface in pipe & tube fabrication.
  • This scarfing system consists of impeder, optional notching mandrel, scarfing mandrel, several towbar sections and fully adjustable mounting unit.